Our Aims

We want to understand how to prevent gender-based violence from happening. Empowerment self-defence training can reduce women’s vulnerability to violence and increase their self-confidence. We study these classes to understand how empowerment self-defence is taught and how psychological, verbal and physical strategies can be used to de-escalate and resist violence.

Our Objectives

People who learn self-defence can find it transformational. Our research uncovers how these transformations occur by examining how talk and the body are used to prevent violence. By understanding what empowerment self-defence looks like, our findings can inform and improve important interventions for preventing gendered violence.

Talk and the Body

School of Psychology / Te Kura Mātai Hinengaro

Victoria University of Wellington / Te Herenga Waka
PO Box 600, Wellington 6140
Aotearoa New Zealand
www.wgtn.ac.nz | 0800 04 04 04


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